The Holy Spirit Within Us

“I Am The Sprouting Vine and you’re My branches. As you live in union with Me as your source, fruitfulness will stream from within you—but when you live separated from Me you are powerless.” (John 15:5 TPT)

As I was reading John chapter 15, verse 5 really captured my attention.

It is in us living in union with Jesus that allows us to bear fruit in our lives that will last and remain. I love the Passion Translation’s expression of what Jesus is saying to us in verse 5 because it takes us much deeper into the words and heart of Jesus.

Jesus said that as we live in union with Him as our source, fruitfulness will stream from within us.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “stream” as a body of running water such as a river or a creek, a steady succession, a constantly renewed or steady supply, a continuous moving procession, or an unbroken flow.

In Scripture, we see Jesus refer to Himself as Living Water.

“But if anyone drinks The Living Water I give them, they will never be thirsty again. For when you drink the water I give you, it becomes a gushing fountain of The Holy Spirit, flooding you with endless life!” (John 4:14 TPT)

“Believe in Me so that rivers of living water will burst out from within you, flowing from your innermost being, just like the Scripture says!” (John 7:38 TPT)

In that verse, He was also referring to the Holy Spirit.

I share all of that with you to say this… For us as believers, staying connected to the Vine that is Jesus, and allowing Him to be our source, is to drink of the Living Water that is the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of us that produces and brings to fruition that stream, that body of living water, that steady concession, that constantly renewed and steady supply, that continuous moving procession, that unbroken flow of fruitfulness within us that will overflow into the world around us.

“Those in whom the Spirit comes to live are God’s new Temple. They are, individually and corporately, places where heaven and earth meet.” ― N.T. Wright

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Happy Soul Kissed Sunday! (Even though I’m late posting and it’s now Wednesday. LOL!) Sending you all heavenly hugs and holy kisses! You are all in my prayers! I love you guys!

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Believe, Be Beautiful, Be Brilliant, Be Empowered, and Be Blessed! 🙂

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Creating Something Beautiful Out Of What Seems Insignificant

Still, Eternal One, You are our Father. We are just clay, and You are The Potter. We are the product of Your creative action, shaped and formed into something of worth. (Isaiah 64:8 VOICE)

At the beginning of the year, I ordered some jewelry making supplies and tools and the company sent me all of these key rings and different colored coil keychain bracelets as a free gift. I had no idea what I was going to do with them.

Then, I remembered that I had a bunch of small cross-shaped vials and so I took one of the crosses and inside of it I put a grain of rice that I wrote the word “faith” on, a mustard seed to represent Matthew 17:20, and then I put 14, round, 1mm, genuine gemstones inside to represent the birthstones of my family/the people that I love and pray for daily.

I’ve been wearing this bracelet all year and I never really take it off because all throughout the day, every time I see it on my wrist, it reminds me to pray for the people that I love and really have the faith to see the fullness of God’s promise come to fruition in their lives.

(He told them, It was because of your lack of faith. I promise you, if you have faith inside of you no bigger than the size of a small mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move away from here and go over there,’ and you will see it move! There is nothing you couldn’t do!”(Matthew 17:20 TPT)

I leave you guys with this, those key rings and keychain bracelets seemed so insignificant when I first got them, but I took them and made something beautiful/meaningful to me with them. I feel like that’s exactly what God does with us. We give Him our lives and He makes something incredibly beautiful, purposeful, meaningful, and promise-filled out of them!

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” – Bill Moyers

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Happy Soul Kissed Sunday! Sending you all heavenly hugs and holy kisses! You are all in my prayers! I love you guys!

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Believe, Be Beautiful, Be Brilliant, Be Empowered, and Be Blessed! 🙂

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Partaking Of His Promises + (Giveaway)






But Jesus answered, “The scripture says, ‘Human beings cannot live on bread alone, but need every word that God speaks.’” (Matthew 4:4 GNT)

Today’s focal verse is one of my favorite verses in the entire Bible because it’s a very powerful reminder of how vital it is for us to not only partake of the word of God everyday, but to savor, revel in, and meditate upon the truth of its promises to us.

I also love the AMP version of today’s focal verse as well because it adds a bit more depth which makes the words of Jesus a bit more personal to us.

But Jesus replied, “It is written and forever remains written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.’” (Matthew 4:4 AMP)

I’m a genuine lover of the Bible and I have just been lingering in and enjoying it almost every single day for the last 11 years. However, as 2019 was starting to come to a close, The Lord really started to deeply impress upon my heart how necessary it was going to be to truly feast upon and stay rooted in the word of God in days ahead. I had many nights where The Lord would wake me up in the middle of the night and give me a specific verse or passage of scripture to meditate on for that day. And so, all of 2020, I just consumed the word every single day.

That was such a game changer for me because in doing that, I had SO many “selah moments”. Moments where I was just able to intentionally pause, intimately reflect upon, and truly internalize the word of God. And as I did that, SO many of God’s promises took root in my heart and just began to blossom and come alive in my life in ways that I could have never dreamed or imagined.

I share this with you guys because I know that if you were to do the same, you would begin to foster and cultivate this new hunger, appreciation, faith in, and love for God’s word as you witness His promises come to fruition in your own lives.

I leave you with this verse to pause and reflect upon… What a God you are! Your path for me has been perfect! All your promises have proven true. What a secure shelter for all those who turn to hide themselves in You! You are the wrap-around God giving grace to me. (Psalm 18:30 TPT)

Hide yourself in His word and you will partake of His promises.

And don’t for a minute let this Book of The Revelation be out of mind. Ponder and meditate on it day and night, making sure you practice everything written in it. Then you’ll get where you’re going; then you’ll succeed.  (Joshua 1:8 MSG)


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Sunday Soul Kiss Kingdom Creative/Entrepreneur Spotlight Of The Week

This week’s Sunday Soul Kiss spotlight shines on Lyn Joyfull who is a beautiful woman of God and CEO of Love Yourself Jewelry.







I bought the beautiful mystic rainbow topaz ring that you see above from Lyn last year in July and not only did I receive the ring that I bought, but The Lord impressed it upon Lyn’s heart to also send me an amazing prophetic word and a sterling silver band with “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine…” engraved on it. That is from the Song of Solomon 6:3. The Song of Solomon is my favorite book in the Bible because a few years ago I had several supernatural encounters with God that were directly from the Song of Solomon after The Lord had me camp out in that particular book for about 4 years. But just to show you how The Lord works, you would have to be very close to me to know that and I had never met Lyn.

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Sunday Kiss Book Of The Week

This week’s Sunday Soul Kiss book of the week was written by my great friend/my Sis and simply an incredible woman of God, Monique M. Thomas!

You guys have probably already seen me talk about this book on my social media a few times, but it’s SO good! And if you want to know what it truly looks like to walk with God intimately, this is the book for you! You can purchase it now on Amazon! You can also purchase a signed copy directly from Monique via Cash App: $thebrideofchrist, Zelle:, or PayPal.

Happy Soul Kissed Sunday! Sending you all heavenly hugs and holy kisses! You are all in my prayers! I love you guys!

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Believe, Be Beautiful, Be Brilliant, Be Empowered, and Be Blessed! 🙂

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Carried By The River Of His Spirit






Then on the most important day of the feast, the last day, Jesus stood and shouted out to the crowds—All you thirsty ones, come to Me! Come to Me and drink! Believe in Me so that rivers of living water will burst out from within you, flowing from your innermost being, just like the Scripture says!” Jesus was prophesying about The Holy Spirit that believers were being prepared to receive. But The Holy Spirit had not yet been poured out upon them, because Jesus had not yet been unveiled in His full splendor. (John 7:37-39 TPT)

As I was spending some quiet time in The Presence of God, I had a vision that I feel strongly The Lord has impressed upon my heart to share with you all.

I had just finished praying and was sitting in stillness waiting and listening for The Lord to speak. I closed my eyes and I saw two incredibly large double doors made of gold. The doors were so massive that it would have been impossible for me to reach the doorknobs to open them and even if I could’ve reached them I don’t believe that I would’ve had the strength to pull the doors open on my own, but to my surprise the doors swung open by themselves. And when they did, I saw this beautiful, blue river that was crystal clear come powerfully rushing out.

I can’t explain how I knew this, but just within myself, I knew that this river represented The Spirit of God. I then heard The Lord say, “With Me you don’t have to test the waters. Dive in and allow My Spirit to carry you. With Me you will not sink nor do you have to swim. Simply rest in the ebb and flow of My Spirit.” Again, just within myself, my heart’s response was, “I’m diving in, Abba.”

Today’s focal verses say, “All you thirsty ones, come to Me! Come to Me and drink! Believe in Me so that rivers of living water will burst out from within you, flowing from your innermost being, just like the Scripture says!” Jesus was prophesying about The Holy Spirit that believers were being prepared to receive.

I believe today’s focal verses are a beautiful depiction of two things.

  1. ) It shows us what’s available to us as we believe in the words of Jesus, intimately come to Him and drink, and then dive into or submerse ourselves in The River that is His Spirit.
  2. ) As we are carried by this river that is His Spirit and we stay in it’s current meaning we stay in life-union, constant connection with The Holy Spirit, we then have the ability to become an overflow of that river for those around us.

I believe the river that I saw in that vision is the very living water that Jesus offers to us through The Holy Spirit. I also believe that same living water is what bursts out from within us flowing from our innermost being for others to dive into and be able to come to intimately know and become intricately connected to Him.

With all that is happening in the world today, “The River” HAS to be an essential part of our lives. Even as I’m writing you guys right now, The Lord has reminded me of another vision that I had in March of 2019 about “This River” that our God says is Living Water.

I was just lying on the sofa, reading my Bible, and contemplating some things that Papa God had put on my heart to accomplish creatively. So, I just simply closed my eyes to rest in Him— to dream with Him. And as soon as I closed my eyes, I saw this incredible waterfall pouring into this endless, beautiful body of water that was just powerfully rushing about. And in my heart, I just asked The Lord why He was showing me this. I then heard Him say, “There’s a cleansing taking place. Always remember The River.”

In that moment, for me personally, as a creative heart that cleansing looked like Him cleansing my heart of fear, me allowing myself to dream bigger with Him, and then taking that leap of faith to actually allow my hands to bring to fruition what He had already placed in my heart to create. But also for me to keep in mind that when fear starts to rise up, to always remember to come back to The River. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

This cleansing will look and be very different from person to person. It will simply be The Lord cleansing our hearts of anything that doesn’t align with His heart and His word.

My heart’s prayer is that we get to such an intimate place in our relationship or walk with God, that we don’t have to remember to come back to the The River because we never leave it in the first place. “But if anyone drinks the living water I give them, they will NEVER thirst again and will be FOREVER satisfied! For when you drink the water I give you it becomes a gushing fountain of The Holy Spirit, springing up and flooding you with ENDLESS life!” (John 4:14 TPT)

In closing, I would just like to say that we must do more than simply remember The River. We must dive into it. Drink of it. Submerse ourselves in it. Rest in it and allow this perfect river that is His Spirit to carry us.

To know You is to experience a flowing fountain, drinking in Your life, springing up to satisfy. In Your light we receive the light of revelation. (Psalms 36:9 TPT)

Sunday Soul Kiss 411

I published my first children’s book!

Sunday Soul Kiss Kingdom Creative/Entrepreneur Spotlight Of The Week

This week’s Sunday Soul Kiss spotlight shines on Brian K. Holley, an awesome man of God, fellow Alabamian, and the Creator and Founder of Lion Heart Unlimited.

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Sunday Kiss Book Of The Week

This daily devotional is a really great way to ignite your prayer life and has become one of my favorite daily reads. You can click on the following links to purchase: Amazon (Imitation Leather Copy) / Kindle.

Sunday Soul Kiss Health/Fitness Choice Of The Week

The goal is to be healthy not just spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, but also physically as well. So, this week’s healthy choice of the week are these soft baked mini muffins made with whole grains and a 1/2 cup of vegetables from Farm & Oven. These have become one of my favorite little snacks on the go.  If you decide to give them a try, use the code ASKS10 to receive 10% off of your purchase. 🙂

Happy Soul Kissed Sunday! Sending you all heavenly hugs and holy kisses! You are all in my prayers! I love you guys!

If you need to contact me or if you would like for me to pray for or with you, please click here.

Believe, Be Beautiful, Be Brilliant, and Be Blessed! 🙂

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The Lord Still Answers And Jesus Still Heals!






(Psalm 3:4 CEV – I pray to You, and You answer from Your sacred hill.)

The AMPC version of today’s focal verse says, “With my voice I cry to The Lord, and He hears and answers me out of His holy hill. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!”

For me, it was in that selah moment: the pausing to serenely and intently reflect upon those words that truly displayed The Lord’s goodness towards me.

So, today, I just want to share on the goodness of The Lord, how He knows all things, and how He deeply cares about and is so intricately involved in every single detail of our lives. Or in my case, how He had given me the answer to a prayer that I had not even prayed yet.

I turned 34 on my birthday which was a little over a couple of weeks ago now. That morning, I was in worship and just sitting with The Lord and I asked Him to give me one verse to focus on for the month. Psalm chapter 3, verse 4 was the verse that He spoke to me.

After reading that verse, I was just in awe because I had prayed and He immediately answered which was what the verse that He had spoken to me to focus on said in a very literal sense.

My birthday was April 4th, which was on a Thursday. On that following Tuesday, I woke up with this unexpected pain in the bottom of my left foot. The pain reminded me of the same pain that I used to get from tendonitis years ago when I played sports. My foot was tender and it was almost like you feel this pulling/tearing going on inside of it.

Well, if you know me, then you know that I am a lover of essential oils and the Queen of holistic remedies. LOL! So, I rubbed some peppermint oil on it which made it feel better instantly and I went on about my day.

However, by that night around bedtime it started to bother me again. And when I woke up the next morning, the pain was worse than it was the previous day, so much so that it caused me to walk with a bit of a limp. Again, I put peppermint oil on it, but this time there was still this nagging pain that never went away. And so, I just pushed through and endured it all throughout that day.

It wasn’t until my time of prayer that night that The Lord reminded me of the verse that He had given me to focus on.

I mean, I had prayed about everything under that sun. I had prayed for myself, my family, my friends, etc… but for some reason I never prayed about the pain in my foot.

After I had finished praying, I was lying on the sofa in stillness just basking in The Lord’s Presence and I heard Him say, “Why haven’t you asked Me to heal you?”

Of course, I knew instantly that He was referencing the pain in my foot. And it was in that moment that I remembered Psalm 3:4 — I pray and He answers! It was profound, yet as simple as that.

I took a moment to reflect upon the promise of Psalm 3:4 and then I sat up, I laid both of my hands on my foot, and I said, “Lord, I ask in Jesus’ name that all of the pain in my foot would be gone and that You would heal it completely and restore to how You divinely intended for it to operate. Amen.” 

As soon as I finished praying, all of the pain was completely gone and I haven’t experienced any pain or issues since!

I share all of this with you guys for three reasons:

  1. ) I had prepared something totally different to share with you all this Sunday, but The Lord wanted me to share this testimony and I always want to be obedient to what He’s asking of me.
  2. ) I wanted you to be encouraged in that fact that The Lord listens and He answers!
  3. ) The truth and promise of today’s focal verse is not just for me, but for every single one of you as well.

And so, today, I leave you guys with this eternal promise and timeless truth: THE LORD STILL ANSWERS AND JESUS STILL HEALS!!!

“Ask Me anything in My name, and I will do it for you! – Jesus (John 14:14 TPT)

Sunday Soul Kiss 411

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Sunday Soul Kiss Creative Spotlight Of The Week

This week’s Sunday Soul Kiss creative spotlight shines on my beautiful friend, Renee Popinski-Young, who is a Christian artist who creates beautiful cross paintings. I bought the painting that you see below from her. The picture truly doesn’t do it justice. It’s much more lovely in person!

If you’d like to connect with Renee to buy a painting of your own, you can contact her via the following links. Renee’s Personal: Facebook / Renee’s Personal: Instagram or via email at:

The Sunday Soul Kiss book of the week and album of the week will return next post!

Happy Soul Kissed Sunday and Happy Resurrection Sunday! Sending you all heavenly hugs and holy kisses! You are all in my prayers! I love you guys!

If you would like for me to pray for or with you, please click here.

Believe, Be Beautiful, Be Brilliant, and Be Blessed! 🙂

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Prophesy Life To Your Valley Of Dry Bones

(Ezekiel 37:4-5 NLT – Then He said to me, “Speak a prophetic message to these bones and say, ‘Dry bones, listen to The Word of The Lord! This is what The Sovereign Lord says: Look! I Am going to put breath into you and make you live again!’”)

The NIV of today’s focal verses say, Then He said to me, “Prophesy to these bones and say to them, ‘Dry bones, hear The Word of The Lord! This is what The Sovereign LORD says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.’”

How electric and life-giving are those words?!

Over this last week, as I’ve sat with Papa God and meditated on Ezekiel chapter 37, verses 1-14, Holy Spirit has just been continually unveiling and wrecking me in the best possible way with new and fresh revelation of The Word of God. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read that passage of Scripture over the course of my life, but wasn’t truly cognizant of how powerful the gift of prophesy is or mindful of the fact that The Word is alive—literally alive. And not only is The Word alive, but it gives life as well. (John 1:1-5)

Just in spending intimate time with The Lord, it has amazed me how notably the truth of those very words have just adhered to my spirit and been a constant reminder of how dynamic The Word really is. And in me taking the time to reflect upon that truth, it reminded me of yet another truth that mustn’t be negated. And that truth is, that our words as in the words that we’re speaking daily are paramount.

The Bible says that death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruits. (Proverbs 18:21) So, the question to ponder then becomes, what are we speaking forth over our lives, our families, our friends, the dreams of our hearts, and our destinies?

The Bible also says, What comes out of the mouth is what’s overflowing in the heart. (Luke 6:45)  What that says to me is, that what we say is what we truly believe in our heart of hearts not only about ourselves, but also about those around us as well. I would like to propose that we should intently mull over what we’ve been speaking forth and if our thoughts and words don’t line up with the truth of who God says we are and who He’s created us to be, then we need to replace those thoughts and those words with His truth.

We not only need to meditate on the perfection of the promises within The Word of God, but sit with Him in the secret place, ask Him to speak to us His truth— that eternal truth that He spoke over our lives from the moment that He first thought of us, listen for His voice to sweetly whisper the truth of who we are into our hearts, and then began to prophesy that truth over our lives.

As we position ourselves to start speaking life over ourselves and others everyday, here are 4 powerful little gems/tokens of truth for us to store in the treasure chest of our hearts and minds.

  1. ) Before The Lord created us in our mother’s womb, He knew us, approved of us as His chosen instrument, and set us apart consecrating us unto Himself. (Jeremiah 1:5)
  2. ) We are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14) (That reference is from the NIV, but I really recommend reading Psalm 139:1-18 from TPT as well because the wording there is much more personal, intimate, and elaborate.)
  3. ) The Lord’s plans and thoughts toward us have always been to give us unwavering hope and a bright future. His heart for us is that we would abundantly prosper. (Jeremiah 29:11)
  4. ) Jesus came to give us everything in abundance, more than we expect—LIFE in its fullness until we overflow! (John 10:10)

As we enter into this new year, let us hold the truth of those 4 things in our hearts, being fully aware of the efficacy that lies within the words that we speak, and knowing that above all else The Word of God will always stand firm, outshine, and reign supreme over the blatant lies of the enemy.

In closing, my prayer is that we would unequivocally accept and receive The Word of The Lord as the infallible truth that it is and prophesy that truth over our lives, our loved ones, our hopes, our talents, our gifts, and our dreams allowing The Lord to breathe life into, upon, and within our own personal “valley of dry bones”.

“The human voice: It’s the instrument we all play. It’s the most powerful sound in the world, probably. It’s the only one that can start a war or say ‘I love you.'” – Julian Treasure

Sunday Soul Kiss 411

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Sunday Soul Kiss Book Of The Week

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This week’s Sunday Soul Kiss book of the week was written by my amazing friend, Debbie Kitterman!

“The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement” is on my top 5 list of must reads. I was incredibly blessed by it and I can promise that you guys will be super blessed by it as well. I will be giving away 2 free copies. The winners will be chosen on 1/15/18. If you’d like to enter, you can do so by simply leaving a comment of this post. Debbie also has a really great reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App called #BETHEGIFT Someone Needs Today, so be sure to check it out as well!

Sunday Soul Kiss Album Of The Week

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Enjoy one of my favorite songs from this week’s Sunday Soul Kiss album of the week!

Happy Soul Kissed Sunday and Happy New Year! Sending you all heavenly hugs and holy kisses! I love you guys!

If you would like for me to pray for or with you, please click here.

Believe, Be Beautiful, Be Brilliant, and Be Blessed! 🙂

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There’s A Place For You Here + “Holy Kisses” Mug Giveaway

(Ephesians 2:6 TPT- He raised us up with Christ The Exalted One, and we ascended with Him into the glorious perfection and authority of the heavenly realm, for we are now co-seated as one with Christ!)

Back in February, I went to two different conferences that greatly impacted and empowered my life: “Fire 18” in Jacksonville, FL and “Glory Nights” in New Orleans, LA.

To be completely honest with you, I’m still processing and reflecting upon the experiences and encounters that I had at both, but I’ve felt that Holy Spirit is leading me to share this one experience with you guys that happened on one of the nights of “Glory Nights New Orleans”. With that being said, I’m going to attempt to describe what was happening during worship that night just to try to paint a picture for you of what the atmosphere in the room was like.

There was a room full of beautiful-hearted people that genuinely love Jesus and we were all just singing and worshiping The Lord.

So, right from the very beginning, The Presence of God was already permeating and starting to completely saturate the entire room.

If you were to take a quick glance around the room you would see people lying on the floor, sitting, standing, and just in their own sacred space with The Lord. Everyone on my row happened to be standing as they were worshiping including me and I heard The Lord say, “Sit on the floor with Me.” There really wasn’t much room to sit unless you had already moved to the one of the aisles or to the front or the back of the room prior to worship starting. So, I just quietly sat down Indian-style on the floor in front of my seat with my hands and heart open and ready to receive.

As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw The Lord sitting in this beautiful, antique chair. I wouldn’t quite call in a throne. To be honest, it reminded of this chair that my Grandpa would always sit in when I was a child— the same chair that I would always climb up into my Grandpa’s lap to watch TV (mainly sports), eat snacks, and drink sweet tea. 🙂

What I’m saying is, this picture that I was seeing of The Lord sitting in that chair as I’m sitting on the floor with my eyes closed felt and seemed incredibly familiar to me. It had a very nostalgic feel to it in the sense that what I was seeing in the spirit had begun to evoke real emotion from me in the natural.

I began to weep and I felt this love that I don’t even have the words to accurately describe to you and then I started to remember all these very precious moments that I had growing up with my Dad and my Grandpa both whom I was incredibly close to, but have gone on to be with The Lord.

But when the memories started to drift from my focus and I began to laser in on The Lord sitting in that chair again, I saw that He was smiling and He was patting His right leg as a parent or grandparent would do when they’re letting a child know that it’s ok for that child to climb up into their laps to sit down. And The Lord was saying over and over again, “There’s a place for you here.”

Today’s focal verse says, He raised us up with Christ The Exalted One, and we ascended with Him into the glorious perfection and authority of the heavenly realm, for we are now co-seated as one with Christ! 

For we are co-seated as one with Christ! I’ve been sitting here mulling over how beautiful and incredibly powerful that is.

I share all of this with you guys for three reasons:

  1. I wanted you to be able to see how The Lord will take you on this sweet, intimate journey with Him and bring up memories that are precious to you just to show you the depths of His heart for you and how He intimately knows you.
  2. I wanted you to understand how those memories can be directly related to the relationship that He’s trying to either establish or richly deepen with you.
  3. I don’t believe that this experience was just for me. I believe that it is for the body of Christ as a whole. And so, I felt that you should know or be reminded of the fact that, you have an ever-extended invitation from The Creator of the universe Himself also known as our Abba Father to climb up into His lap, rest your head upon His heart, and be one with Him.

As we reflect upon today’s focal verse, my prayer for us is that that we would take it to heart, cling to and rest in it’s truth, and then view and live our lives through the lens of the promises within that truth.

The Lord, Himself is calling us unto Him. So, as He beckons you into His lap, simply sit, smile, rest, and receive from Him remembering that there is always a place for you there. 🙂

Happy Soul Kissed Thursday! Sending you all heavenly hugs and holy kisses! I love you guys!

If you would like for me to pray for or with you, please click here.

Believe, Be Beautiful, Be Brilliant, and Be Blessed!🙂

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To enter the “Song of Solomon 1:2 – Holy Kisses” mug giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post and a winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email and social media. The last day to enter will be June 15, 2018. The link to check out more Holy Kisses merchandise will be available in the blog posts that are to come. 🙂

The Importance Of Prayer + (“Incense Rising” Giveaway)


(Psalm 141:2 NLV- May my prayer be like special perfume before You. May the lifting up of my hands be like the evening gift given on the altar in worship.)

Today’s focal verse holds such a special place in my heart. On January 10th of this year, I had a dream in which I saw the words of this verse come to life.

In this particular dream, I saw myself lie down and start to pray, yet there was this immediate cognizance that I was in Papa God’s Presence. The words of my prayers were leaving my lips and ascending before Him in what appeared to be hundreds of little folded journal pages.

I didn’t have revelation of what the dream actually meant until I woke up the next morning, sat before The Lord in worship, and began to write it down in my prayer journal. It was in that moment, that Holy Spirit revealed to me that God was giving me heaven’s view and His perspective of what it looks like when I pray. He was allowing me to see how sacred and dear my prayers were and still are to His heart.

I share this with you guys because if you’ve been a follower of “A.S.-K.S.” for any amount of time then you know that I’m avid prayer journaler. I keep record of my personal prayers, how Abba answers those prayers, and also how He speaks to me whether it be through His Word, dreams, visions, or simply just the sweetness of the inner voice of Holy Spirit whispering  truth to and within my heart and spirit.

You see, because God knows how much I treasure writing out my thoughts and prayers to Him, He designed the structure of my dream in a way that was special and personal to me and the intimate way that He and I converse in the secret place with one another.

How many of you know that what The Lord did for me, He’ll do the same for you? He will reveal things to us in a way that is sacred to our personal relationship with Him just to let us know that He’s listening, but we first have to be willing to speak.

I think sometimes in our humanness we may feel or think that our prayers aren’t heard or that they’ve simply gone unnoticed. But, I sit here writing you this morning as a living testimony that Papa not only hears, but sees our prayers as well. When we take the time to intimately commune with Him our words truly capture and ravish His heart. 

However, I believe the true treasure is found in His response to us. His answers to our prayers are always immersed within this profound love that is so pure, perfect, and true. His Words don’t just capture our hearts, but They cling to the soul and spirit radiantly providing light, love, hope, beauty, promise, life, and truth.

It doesn’t matter how we choose to converse with God, the only thing that matters is that we do. Our words are sacred to Him whether they’re spoken or written. He just simply loves when we make the choice to be with Him.

Just in casual conversation with other believers, I’ve found that praying doesn’t come natural to everyone.  And not that there’s this secret magic formula that you have to remember when it comes to prayer. I think the majority of my most precious moments in God’s Presence have been the times that I’ve just sat with Him, spoken very little, but listened very intently.

At the same time, I do believe that there are a few essential tools that help usher us into The Lord’s Presence and help us to connect with His heart a little more intimately.

One of those things being a good devotional. I say that because a lot of devotionals will not only aid you in becoming familiar with Scripture, but can also help you to commit and focus on setting time aside daily to be alone with God. A lot of them also end with a prayer that you can read through and speak over your life which I think can be helpful in developing a habit of praying everyday.

If I had to recommend a great devotional for you to read it would be “Incense Rising: 60 Days To Powerful Prayer” which was actually written by my lovely friend, Carolyn Dale Newell.


Within the pages of “Incense Rising”, each day, you’ll find a different topic to focus on that will help inspire you to seek The Lord on a deeper level, a focal verse or passage of Scripture to read, an encouraging word from Carolyn, a verse to commit to memory, a recommended passage of Scripture that you’ll have to open your Bible to read, a different name of God that will help you to call out to Him more intimately, practical words from Carolyn to aid you in truly walking in your new found intimacy with The Lord, and then an ending prayer that all you have to do is read and receive.

I know that this book will be an incredible blessing to you all, but I have honor of giving away only one signed copy. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. I will be praying over each person who does and I’ll give it away to the person that I hear Holy Spirit saying could benefit from it the most. The winner will then be notified via email and social media. If you would like to purchase a copy of “Incense Rising”, you’ll find the links to do so located below in the Sunday Soul Kiss book of the week.

In closing, this is my prayer for you: I pray that as you seek The Lord, He would fill and surround you with the precious gift that is His Presence. I pray that you would truly come to know Him intimately and that His pure and perfect love would overtake you drawing you deeper unto Him. I pray that your greatest joys would be found in the moments that you’ve simply said yes to being with Him. I speak life and love over you and I bless you in Jesus’ name— Amen and so be it!

If you would like for me to pray for or with you, please click here.

Happy Soul Kissed Sunday! I love you guys!

Believe, Be Beautiful, Be Brilliant, and Be Blessed!🙂

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Sunday Soul Kiss Book Of The Week

Incense Rising 1

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Eyes To See Truth


(Song of Songs 1:15 NIV- How beautiful you are, My darling! Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes are doves.)

The Song of Solomon is one of my most favorite books in the Bible. I’ve read it countless times and every single time I read it, Holy Spirit whispers to my heart another little divine nugget of it’s precious truth.

So with today’s focal verse in mind, I’m going to take you on a little journey to reveal just a token of that truth.

As many of you know my heart truly values intimacy with God. Quite often as I’m praying or even just simply soaking in His Presence, He’ll bring a verse or a particular passage of Scripture to mind.

There have been many times where those very passages have come from the Song of Solomon.

Whenever The Lord uses His Word as an avenue to speak to me, I first pray for revelation of that particular verse and then I start to mediate on it’s truth.

This morning as He brought Song of Songs 1:15 to mind, there were also two other passages Scripture that I immediately began to reflect upon as well.

The first one was (Matthew 6:22 AMP – “The eye is the lamp of the body; so if your eye is clear; spiritually perceptive, your whole body will be full of light; benefiting from God’s precepts.”).

And the second one was (Matthew 3:16-17 NIV – As soon as Jesus was baptized, He went up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, and He saw The Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on Him. And a voice from heaven said, “This is My Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.”).

Two key points to remember from those verses are:
1.) Our eyes are lamps to our bodies. Meaning, not only are they the light for our souls, but also how other people come to see the light within us. And 2.) Biblically speaking, doves are symbolic of The Spirit of God.

Now with those two things in mind, let’s go back and reflect upon the words that Solomon had spoken to his bride-to-be in today’s focal verse.

His words to her were, “How beautiful you are, My darling! Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes are doves.”.

If you’ve read the entire first chapter of the Song of Solomon then you know that just a few verses before that, Solomon’s bride-to-be was conversing with him expressing to him how negatively she viewed herself. She asked him not to look at her out of fear that he would see her the same way she saw herself. She then proceeded to give him specific reasons why she felt so unattractive and unworthy.

At first glance, it seems as if Solomon’s words to her were just to assure her of how beautiful she truly was to him from a physical standpoint.

But what if his words to her had a much deeper connotation than just to express what he saw in her physical appearance?

You see, as I was praying for revelation of what Solomon was saying, Holy Spirit revealed to me a deeper truth. I do in fact believe that his words were an expression of his attraction to her physical beauty, but I also believe that he wanted her to know that her true beauty wasn’t just physical. But that it was in fact when he looked into her eyes— because it was there that he saw and recognized The Spirit of God within her.

To reflect upon those very same words with a more in depth perspective revealing an even deeper level of truth… I also believe that’s how The Father views us.

In those moments when we’ve felt unworthy or less than, God is always there to remind us of the beauty that He sees within us— that radiates from the inside out. He never sees us as unworthy or broken the way we sometimes view ourselves. As His beloved, He connects with us Spirit to spirit. The deep in Him calls out to the deep within us. When He sees us, He recognizes the wholeness that is Him living on the inside of us. He sees us as whole, uniquely gifted, beautifully, fearfully, and wonderfully made just as He created us to be.

So today, I just want to remind you that your worth and value has no limits. You are loved and treasured beyond measure. You are chosen, gifted, and empowered for greatness through The perfect and Holy Spirit of God living on the inside of you. Nothing is impossible for you!

Beloved, your eyes are doves which means you have the capacity to see yourself and the world around you from Abba’s perspective and with His perception. You have the capacity to see and recognize His truth. And today, that is my heart’s greatest prayer for you.

Abba, before we ask You for a single thing, we first say thank You for Who You are in us and for Who You’ve empowered us to become as we abide in You. Today, I simply ask that You would open our eyes that we may see ourselves and the world around us with the same love and beauty as You do. Let Your Holy Spirit awaken our hearts to the promises and purpose that You have chosen and set us apart for. Renew our minds with Your truth that we may rest and trust in Who You’ve called and created us to be. Help us to always recognize our worth in You and Your truth in us. Draw our hearts so closely to Yours that the vision You have for our lives would then become the vision that we in turn would have for ourselves. Lord, we love You and we’re so very grateful for Your Presence. In the name of Jesus Christ, Your precious Son and our Lord and Savior— I pray, Amen and so be it.

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Happy Soul Kissed Sunday! I love you guys!

Believe, Be Beautiful, Be Brilliant, and Be Blessed! 🙂

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Sunday Soul Kiss Book Of The Week

Translating GOD by Shawn Bolz

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Hi, Loves! I know it’s been a while, but I’m super excited to be connecting with all of you guys again! I’ve missed you so much! First, I just want to thank all of my fellow Writers and friends who’ve reached out to check on me during my little blogging hiatus. ;-)You all are the absolute best! I treasure you and I’m so grateful for you! Secondly, all blog posts will be posted on Sundays instead of Fridays from now on. And last but certainly not least, I am available to pray with or for you all throughout the day and you can contact me for prayer anytime by clicking here.

I Give You MY Heart


(Ezekiel 36:26 NIV- I will give you a new heart and put a new Spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.)

This evening as I was just soaking in The Presence of God, I had a vision that left me weeping with tears of joy and praising The Lord for Him allowing me to experience and encounter Him in such an intimate and profoundly beautiful way.

In this vision, I saw myself in a white flowing dress standing on what seemed to be a golden-paved pathway. The pathway was very long and on both sides of it there was this smoke arising that had a sweet-smelling aroma to it. I say smoke, but it was more like a vapor because there was a mist within it.

I knew that I was in The Presence of The Lord and I felt this gentle tug upon my heart and noticed that without me ever taking a step His love was drawing me closer to Him. I never actually moved to walk, but before I knew it I was standing right in front of Him.

I never saw The Lord Himself, but through this vapor-like cloud I saw His hand stretch out and begin to open as if He was going to place something within my hand. As I opened my hand He placed within it this beautiful, bright red, heart-shaped ruby.

I closed my hand and drew it to my heart as we naturally often do with the things that we cherish. As I placed my closed hand over my heart I felt the heart that He had placed in my hand begin beat. When I opened my hand, what I saw was that that little heart-shaped ruby had been transformed and it was now in a beautiful gold setting that was connected to a gold necklace that was somehow already around my neck. And within the gold setting, the heart was pulsating with Life.

When my hand let go of this little heart that now beating with The Life of our Lord, it fell to my chest and it was hanging perfectly positioned over my heart.

I closed my eyes to savor the moment— this precious, Life-giving, life-changing moment where I could physically feel The Father’s heartbeat drumming against my own. In doing that, I began to intently focus on the rhythm of His heart and the very second I did that, my heart began to beat in perfect tune with His.

Perhaps there was more that The Lord was going to show me tonight, but I was so undone by the river of His love that began to wash over me the very instance that our hearts started beat as one that tears of worship and adoration began to uncontrollably stream down my cheeks and there was this praise leaping within my soul that was longing to cry out to Him and couldn’t be contained any longer.

I’m sharing this with you guys because I want you to know and understand that when The Lord said that He would give us a new heart and a new Spirit, He truly and wholeheartedly meant those very words. I think we often have the understanding that it’s just a metaphor of the transformation that takes place on the inside us once we’ve accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, but I’m here to tell you that it’s so much more than that.

If we’re willing, God will not just give us a new heart, but His heart; a heart that doesn’t just beat because of Him in the sense that He’s our source of life or for Him in the sense that that’s how we offer ourselves to Him in worship, but a heart that beats with Him and with His heart.

In receiving His heart, you’ll effortlessly feel His everlasting love for you. As your heart begins to beat in perfect rhythm with His you’ll begin to hear Him whispering to your heart His beloved thoughts towards you and all of the incredible plans that He has for your life.

Abba, as You give us Your heart and pour out Your Holy Spirit within and upon us, give us the understanding and knowing to receive, embrace, and cherish it as not just mere words or as this metaphoric Christian ritual, but as Your very Life that You are so freely gifting to us that we may intimately know You and commune with You every single day of our lives. Lord, You and You alone are worthy. We love You and our hearts beat with affection, adoration, and gratitude toward You as The One True Living God and The Lover of our souls. In the name of Jesus Christ, Your precious Son, and our Lord and Savior— I pray, Amen and so be it.

“Because God has made us for Himself, our hearts are restless until they rest in Him.” ~ Saint Augustine of Hippo

Dear Hearts, welcome to week 15 of the “Fridays Are For Faith ‘n Friends” blog hop! I’m so happy to have you guys join me today and I pray that you were truly blessed by today’s message. Also, know that I am available to pray with or for you all throughout the day and you can contact me for prayer anytime by clicking here.

Happy Friday! I love you guys!

Believe, Be Beautiful, Be Brilliant, and Be Blessed! 🙂

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