LORD, Not My Will, But YOUR Will Be Done


(Number 14:17 NJKV- I pray, let the power of my Lord be great, just as You have spoken.)

My prayers at times have often mirrored the exact words of today’s focal verse because planted and deeply rooted in my heart is this beautiful and powerful truth— no word spoken forth by my Abba Father will ever fail. (Isaiah 55:11 NET- The Promise that I make does not return to Me, having accomplished nothing. No, It is realized as I desire and is fulfilled as I intend.) (Luke 1:37 NIV- For no Word from God will ever fail.)

I fully trust in His Word with my whole heart and soul. However, what today’s focal verse truly made me realize is, I often pray like that when my heart is consumed with worry and not when it’s filled with the faith and confidence in The Lord that it should be spoken forth in. It’s like I’m asking God to let His promises come to fruition by my will and in my timing instead of trusting Him to do it by His Will and in His timing.

And in reflecting upon that, I was reminded of these precious and Life-giving words from Christ … (Luke 12:27-28,31-32 VOICE- “Think about those beautiful wild lilies growing over there. They don’t work up a sweat toiling for needs or wants—they don’t worry about clothing. Yet the great King Solomon never had an outfit that was half as glorious as theirs! Look at the grass growing over there. One day it’s thriving in the fields. The next day it’s being used as fuel. If God takes such good care of such transient things, how much more you can depend on God to care for you, weak in faith as you are. Since you don’t need to worry—about security and safety, about food and clothing—then pursue God’s kingdom first and foremost, and these other things will come to you as well. My little flock, don’t be afraid. God is your Father, and your Father’s great joy is to give you His kingdom.”)

I know that The Word, Will, and timing of our Heavenly Father is flawless; complete and absolute perfection and I desire to know Him so intimately that I never ask for anything to be done by my own will. I desire to know Him so wholly and personally that like Jesus, I simply enter His Presence and say, “Abba Father, not by my will, but by Yours.”. (Luke 22:41-43 NIV- He withdrew about a stone’s throw beyond them, knelt down and prayed, “Father, if You are willing, take this cup from Me; yet not My Will, but Yours be done.”. An angel from heaven appeared to Him and strengthened Him.)

Jesus said that if we will just seek His kingdom and put Him first, then The Father would give and bestow upon us all things including the kingdom of heaven. What an incredibly beautiful promise for our hearts to embrace and behold. My heart’s greatest prayer for you is that your heart would never lose sight of that powerful, life-changing, Life-giving truth.

Abba Father, today and everyday, help us to seek you first. Help us to stay Christ-focused and Holy Spirit-guided that we would come to know you greater and trust you wholly and completely. Help us as mere human beings to understand Your profound wisdom that we would wholeheartedly know and believe that Your Will and Your timing is immaculate and flawless. Help to us never doubt You in any way, but to put our faith and hope in You always. In the name of Jesus Christ, Your precious Son, and our Lord and Savior— I pray, Amen and so be it.

“I am what no one else is, and in the hands of God I can do what no one else does. And if I dare set such a truth in motion I will change my world.” ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough

I love you guys!

Believe, Be Beautiful, Be Brilliant, and Be Blessed! 🙂

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